We move at the speed of the industry, regardless of the mission. Our cross-functional approach focuses on desired business objectives, always seeking to exceed expectations. With this in mind, we design, develop, deliver and support full lifecycle solutions that propel the business to the next level. We enjoy the DevOps process, and appreciate feedback to render a problem solved.

Related Additional Service Offerings

  • Database Administration – Well-organized information grows your business. Our team is equipped to design, construct, test and maintain your database. We are familiar with SQL, Azure, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, and are quite comfortable with Redshift. Typical requested DBA activities include tuning, refreshing, access control and start/shutdown.
  • Information Assurance – Infrastructure and digital integrity are key elements of your business. Rest well knowing your IT operation will be online, available, and authentic, ensuring operations can run continuously with integrity and confidentiality. Our process includes risk assessment, threat mitigation, and a communications plan to ensure quality outcomes. We then audit team efforts to confirm customer satisfaction, iterating whenever and wherever necessary.
  • Legacy System Integration – Partner with our team to bring existing systems into the future. We strategize to mitigate risk and efficiently transition systems to modernity, taking care to monitor budgetary constraints, necessary application sunsetting, and the latest in forward engineering. For mission-critical features, we can work diligently to reface existing systems to add new options to key existing elements. When this happens, we will also partner to devise a plan for legacy and transition support.

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