Mission Statement

Visionary Enterprise Technology Solutions (VETS), LLC is a service-connected disabled veteran, SDB certified economically disadvantaged owned small business.

Since 2008, the firm’s mission continues to focus on pairing best-in-class service with innovative, dynamic and cost-efficient technological solutions for enterprise customers in both the public and private sectors.

VETS, LLC consistently delivers on the full scope of requirements for each of its endeavors, valuing strategic and operational agility to mitigate risk against state-of-the-art technology solutions.

The team draws from a wide range of experience across multiple industries to support both modern systems as well as system modernization and integration by virtualizing legacy systems, standardizing infrastructure and finding unique integration paths for sunset systems.

Exceptional service is the core of every VETS, LLC interaction and solution.


Frederick “Cornelius” Rouse is the Founder and CEO of Visionary Enterprise Technology Solutions (VETS), LLC. His specialties include active and ingress work with client and federal leadership on risk management, supporting existing infrastructure and new technology integration.

His service-focused mentality is unparalleled; valuing people first and being mission-driven. A strong work ethic and positive demeanor are vital resources of his client strategy, which frequently begins with asking how to help. Throughout the working relationship, Cornelius regularly displays strong competency and an uncompromising commitment to consistent service, driving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Cornelius’ proven strategy has developed a strong reputation for delivering quality service at every project touchpoint and the highest level of professionalism. Past and current clients are his top promoters, frequently confirming his understanding of how to execute efficiently without cutting corners. Cornelius is synonymous with high quality results regardless of scale, budget or timeline; with a unique strategy for each contract or service.

With more than 15 years of experience serving the DoD community and the IT field, Cornelius leverages a wide range of leadership and technical skills to support critical systems and missions. His practice of this blend is natural but developed, honed from both combat and real-world experience with global industry leaders. As a 100% Service-Disabled Veteran, Cornelius has honed a level of focus and flexibility that has been paramount to his development as a servant leader.


VETS, LLC is wholly uncompromising about delivering stellar service for all team members and clients. We accomplish this by approaching problem statements with the agility necessary for the speed of today’s enterprise IT business.

The firm was founded in 2008 with service in mind, seeing a keen need to pair professionals with IT support focused on client-customer needs. Today, 80% of VETS staff has direct DoD experience, utilizing the rich experience of those with years and layers of service.

The company’s success comes from a blend of a continuously client-centric focus, entrepreneurial spirit, and the joy of an efficient job well done.


DUNS: 826753456

  • Cornelius provided a very high level of cyber security implementation and guidance to our unified communication project which lead to a successful completion and sustainment. He’s a hardworking, ambitious subject matter expert in his field and we were lucky to acquire his services from his company Visionary Enterprise Technology Solutions, LLC. I would highly recommend him for any future projects that I want completed on time and on schedule.

    Michael ”MJ” Johnson Senior IT Project Manager - RWD, LLC

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